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Conversation and Transcription

Posted on: February 5, 2009

A: what’s your major?  (question for starting conversation)
B: My major is art education.  (simple response)
A: Oh, art education is that very hard?  (question to continue the conversation)
B: No, it’s not that hard. I don’t know yet. [chuckles]  (uncertain response)
A: Oh, so basically, what’s this major about? (question to continue the conversation)
B: My major is about like…uh…teaching high school students.  (explanatory response)
A: O.k. How do like it?  (follow-up question)
B: Um…I didn’t take it so far. I’m a freshman now, so…not yet. (answer and explanatory statement)
A: Oh, are you taking some introduction class? (follow-up question)
B: Yeh, introduction to visual art classes, like painting, um…and drawing. (explanatory response)
A: Um…I’m quite interested in that area, but I never took any art class. (personal statement)
B: O.K. It’s great…[chuckles] (pleased statement) What’s your major? (rhetorical question to the topic)
A: Oh, I’m major in psychology. (simple response)
B: Oh. That’s nice. (pleased statement) What year are you in? (question to change the topic)
A: I am junior. (simple response)
B: Junior? (surprising question)
A: Yeh. (simple response)
B: Wow, how is it so far? (follow-up question)
A: I mean, it’s…I mean I finished most of my major and lasar part, but there are a few classes that I just took elective classes. (explanatory response) Um…But I also want to minor in something cuz I have 20 some credits left. (personal statement) So…yeh…maybe minor in economics…yeh…I’m still looking for…whatever I like. (supportive statement)
B: That’s good. Good luck with your work. (greeting concluding statement)


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